Sorry for an unusual request..

but this is for someone to work with us on the film ?

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination seeks two interns to work with us on our exciting latest project Paths Through Utopias.

What is the project?

Paths Through Utopias has taken us on a 6 month journey through Europe in search of ways of living despite capitalism. Out of this journey will arise a bilingual book/film. See – The book/film will initially be published in France and Britain, as well as receiving a small Cinema distribution/book tour.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for two “enthusiastics” to be part of our radical art activist collective to assist and collaborate with us on the production of the film, a feature length fictional documentary utopian road movie.

It would be beneficial if you have some or all of the following skills. (Please don’t be put off if you only have some of the following, as your attitude and energy are just as important as your skills.

Transcribing experience.
Spanish and/or French speaking.
Mac computer literate.
Some experience in Final Cut Pro (or similar) editing software.
Research experience including sourcing archive footage, location scouting and casting.
An understanding of our politics and our collective working methods.
An ability to work between 15 to 20 hours per week, flexible. (We’re happy to work around your other employment commitments.)
We are working on a limited budget but we can offer to feed you during working hours and make a contribution towards your travel.

When and where are the internships available?

30th June – 3rd October – 12 weeks. We are based in the east end of London.

How to apply.

Please send us a cover letter stating why you are interested, what skills you have and which skills you would like to learn and which you would wish to share. Enclose a CV with the letter.

Email your application to by 23rd June 5pm deadline for application.

There will be an informal meeting with appropriate applicants.

Please note that our current working space is not accessible to wheelchair users.