ok – we have been utterly useless at keeping the blog up to date. We are writing everyday, but not on the blog, we are using the old fashioned way, the paper notebook way, which is pretty useless for sharing and a very privatised form of writing – but thats the point. The trouble with blog writing is that it confuses notes and publishing. To write my notes on a blog would take about ten times longer than in my notebook. Not because i have a very old computer, but because words that go into the public realm need so much more crafting, so much more time to pass them over ones pallete and pen until they feel like exactly the right word in the right place. In my note books it’s a fairly illegible mess, words tumble over themselves, it’s meant as a tool to prompt my memory, not make any sense. And we haven’t found the time, between the filming and meetings, the travelling, arrivings and leavings of this journey….

Anyway as many of you might have guessed we are now in Christiania, the incredible Free-Town a stones throw from the Danish Parliament, with its self managment and radical economics, its beautiful dream like architecture and its problematic hash market, its bicycles and horses, wild theatre companies and old painters. We are part of the CRIR project- a residency for researchers and artists who want to study Christiania. Anyway, whilst here I made a short film for a panel discussion in the Scotland where i was only able to be virtually present, part of Performing Rights Glasgow . It’s nothing deep, and only took two days to put together, but there are a few seconds of video from our trip ! here is the 11minute film ..